Sweet, like the spring on your skin
Sweet, like your drunken eyes
Full of enthusiasm, unharmed by distance
Sweet, like a longing to see you
Thousands of years of suffering, or the depth of the eternal hell
Is Sweet! For those still hopeful
Haven’t read your book, but I learned it by heart:
Sweet: The ending of this masterpiece

Sour, like a thousand homeland memories
Sour, like the gastric acid in my throat.
Sour, like a shattered sword’s blade within the flag
Sour, like yesterday’s soured milk
Do not put too much trust in the first impression!
The apple of romance tastes sweet, but it has a
Sour Mouthfeel
Not all old grapes make fine wines.
Sour, like Adam and Eve’s relationship

Salty, like the night, like a bitter song
Salty, like the blend of blood and tears
Silent, reluctant people sat by the table.
Salty, like the taste of ruined food
The blood is still flowing in the water.
Salty, like the heart of our streets
There is an absurd love story: unreadable!
Just some blank pages as white as salt

Bitter, like us at the dead end
Bitter, like a dagger in the back
Bitter, like trusting your brother
Bitter, like a lonely cucumber
Bitter, like the story of this generation
Hold me tight to cry over this sad story.
Bitter, like all its wet pages

Mehdi Mousavi
Translated by Atefe Asadi

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