The last of all saviours

Like a sexual orientation
From words I’m a deviation
Baseless, I’m from madness a realisation
Genderless, I’m from being an incarnation

Compounded of impatience and patience
I’m a volcano on the peak of a mountain,
Indifferent to “subject” and “object,”
I’m engaged with the love making of the spirit

Darling, enjoy your life, no matter how
Why should I hinder you? “I”, who am “you”!
You, the last reason forever!
I have nothing but you.

Genderless, I ride the bed
In a concoction of fantasy and pain
Although I was Nothing
Although I did nothing

Darling, enjoy the whole world
I am bound to your hair, to your hands
To your eyes, to your breaths
Oh you! The doubt, needless of proof

Nothing but you is worth thinking in the whole world
Nothing but you, who are the whole world
Hug my night more
To return me to me,

Maybe I can become a cry
Maybe I can forever cry
Maybe I am not ideal for you
I am so silly, forgive me darling,

What’s that pill in my glass?
What’s that razor on my wrist?
I was genderless for you
I am genderless for you!

These “love you”, “don’t love you”
Fit the fucking moaning on T.V.
This is not sex…This is not arousal
This is not love…This is pure lunacy
Don’t let you down from all my absurdities
I am the essence of all enslaved entities
My life is bound to one word
Just tell me “die” and I do die
Satisfy me with the sparkle in your eyes
Satisfy me with the warmness of your smiles
Melt my night between your lips
Oh you! The last of all saviours
I am lonely, like the weeping after sex
Or the soul of someone different
I continue with you “oh my soul mate!”
“Sad, silent, patient and heavy-hearted.”

Mehdi Mousavi

Translated by Fereshteh Vaziri Nasab

Published on

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